The Concept


LICHTER Filmfest Frankfurt International 2013 shifts the topic ‘city’ into its thematic focus

The moving image is moving: An adventure playground for all

During LICHTER, emerging formats of projection move urban spaces creatively into focus: Five selected international artists develop positions, which carry the cinema, the moving image and projection into the center of Frankfurt. Maybe these images irritate, hopefully they entertain – in any case, they will attract attention, thereby correlating film and city.

Filmmakers, architects, cinema-makers, artists, street and urban art activists are invited to be inspired by these concepts and through their projects, to stimulate the emergence of innovative forms of expression and to transport unconventional concepts. Whether narrative or experimental film formats doesn’t matter – the moving image develops itself and within the interplay of all the other projects into a two-day event during the festival.

LICHTER Streetview will be first presented as a part of LICHTER Filmfest Frankfurt and takes place at Roßmarkt from 3/22 to 3/23/2013.

Julia Kretschmer, Gregor Maria Schubert, Saul Judd, Aileen Wiebicke, Lars Becker and Mia Reichert

Translation by Susanne Radmann

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