Debates and Lectures – The LICHTER Agora

During the LICHTER Filmfest Frankfurt International 2013 we are focussing on the subject of the City in our movie screenings as well as on our conference programme. The main interest of our supporting conference programme is to explore the manifold relations between the aesthetic representation of the City in movies and the urban realities as well as its implications for the society in general.

In the focus of the conference programme is the AGORA; a platform for discussions and talks open to the public that takes place on Saturday, march 23rd at VAU, the festival center in Frankfurt/Main. We want to establish the AGORA on a central place of the City Center in Frankfurt and there we aim to analyse with international specialists different urban issues, such as the conflicting relationship between privacy and the public in the City or the importance of money and economy for urban and social developments. The German Architect Arno Brandlhuber and German Artist Nikolai von Rosen  will present the AGORA.

Find the complete program here.



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