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Do you ever get the feeling you’re witnessing the beginning of something big? Created by Karolina Sobecka with the Unity3d Game Engine, this interactive projection renders the dog visualization in real time, using video tracking to inform its behaviour according to what it “sees” – engaging with the viewer (or rather “participant”), all the while. Imagine what brands might do with this technology– billboards chasing you down the street! You can run but you can’t hide! But for no – magic.

A virtual site-specific Theatre

WHAT IS UP?” focuses on the question of how someone reacts if nothing is like it used to be. The basic Idea was to reflect upon our constructions of inside and outside. It examines the relation between defined physical boundaries of our living environment and the limits of our distinct “soul space“. Despite being challenged by extraordinary occurrences the main character deals with all unexpected effects in a playful way.