MobMov: The Drive in that Drives in

MobMov: The Drive In That Drives In

California-based MobMov is a drive-in movie system built into a car, that pops up at different locations. MobMov, which is short for mobile movie, was founded 2005 by Bryan Kennedy, who wanted to create a guerilla drive-in for his friends. Before long, friends of friends joined in, and MobMov went public, with movie showings announced through mailing lists. In the “Home” section of the website, the founder states: »The Mobile Movie is bringing back the forgotten joy of the great American drive-in in urban settings across the world. Powered by cars and video projectors, MobMov’s are easy and affordable to set up. Abandoned warehouse walls spring to life with the sights and sounds of a big screen movie.

Read the whole MobMov Manifesto on their website.


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